Colombian Organic Coffee

We are a farmers of the Sumapaz region in Colombia, and we love colombian coffee. We have been recovering land before exploited for cattle grazing, and we are growing organic coffee of the highest quality.

Our coffee offers a balanced cup with great body and flavor with a medium acidity and sweet tones.

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Our coffee

  • Acidity 82%
  • Sweetness 91%
  • Aroma 76%
  • Body 86%

La Primavera Coffee Field

In the sweet calm Colombian mountains watered by a special spray of the Sumapaz paramount at 1700 m.a.s.l, Its found La Primavera, a Rainforest® farm devoted to organic coffee production, oriented to high quality and research and development process to present a specialty coffee with very pleasant taste features.

Organic coffee

Cosecha Real Organic Coffee brings together the best colombian coffee, grown and harvested in a sustainable way by the hands of the best farmers in Cundinamarca.

Green coffee

We produce 100% organic coffee, certified by the Rain Forest Alliance and we are members of the 4C Association. We have been recovering eroded land handling it back to the native flora y fauna.

Roasted coffee

Cosecha Real roasted coffee offers you an unique balanced drink, medium-high acidity, pronounced aroma, sweetness and soft body.

Coffee lovers

In Cosecha Real we are concerned for the well being of our fellows farmers, we offer updated information for the coffee lovers.